About The Obesity Society Of Nigeria-TOSN

The Obesity Society of Nigeria is a multidisciplinary society that assembles members from across the country, from the various professional categories involved in the study of obesity, metabolic syndrome and eating disorders: endocrinologists, nutritionists, general practitioners, cardiologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, surgeons, pediatricians, nutriologists, pharmacists, physical education teachers, physiotherapists, etc.

The epidemic of obesity has been assuming importance in recent years particularly its morbidity and mortality and the extraordinary growth of publications on it. Hence the need to create an association that will link up professionals in order to study, conduct therapeutic research and guide patients with obesity and related diseases. The association will stimulate and facilitate contacts between individuals and organizations, and encourage any initiative aimed at stopping obesity and related diseases. It will be a source of correct information about obesity and its complications, striving for ethics in approaching the overweight patient and repudiating practices not recognized scientifically. It will spread the knowledge that obesity is a serious illness that needs to be prevented, diagnosed and treated early. Consequently, the society will anchor the need for basic medical diagnostics and the medical support of weight loss as well as a qualified dietary leadership in clinical practice.

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